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Web Accelerator Keep Alive program for the Direcway 6000 Modem

by Don Bradner

The Direcway DW6000 modem includes multiple acceleration components. One of these, the Web Accelerator, by default drops its connection when it has not been used for some period of time. That can lead to short-term page errors as the accelerator establishes its connection.

The status of the Web Acellerator can be seen in the 6000 System Control Center under System Status.

The concept of Keep Alive programs has been around for a long time. They are commonly used with dialup connections where the connection would be los after a period of inactivity. Such programs typically work by pinging a server. A ping cannot be used with the 6000 Web Accelerator, because it is only invoked for http requests on port 80. That means a web page must be downloaded.

This utility will do that, at a user selected interval of 1 to 15 minutes. The default of 10 minutes will typically be about right to keep the accelerator active. You can download the program setup from this link but read the rest of this article before you do, to decide whether you can use it.

In order to keep traffic light, the program expects to find a very small web page. Specifically, the page should have just one word, "Success" as its body. That means you must have a place to host such a page, one that won't mind getting hit 150 times per day by the program running on your computer. If you have such a place, here is what the entire html document should look like:


Once you've downloaded and installed the program, created the web page, given it an appropriate name, and uploaded it to a friendly web server, start the program. This is what you will see. 6000WAKA
You will also see the program running as a blue satellite dish icon in the system tray. After the first time, assuming you enter a page URL, the program will start as an icon only. Enter the URL of your web page, including the http:// part. If everything is correct, and your internet connection is working, you will see the icon change to green. Any time it is not able to fetch the page, the icon will be red. The program waits 20 seconds for a response, so the change to red may not be immediate.

The most likely reason that you would always get a red icon is a bad URL. That's the first thing to check.

The program will log all failures in a logfile in the program folder. It can also log success if you want to see how often it is running, but that will eventually produce a large file. The simplest way to clear the log is simply to delete the file.

Once the program is running to your satisfaction you will probably want to add it to your startup group so that it runs whenever Windows starts. Not uncommonly it will start red, because the internet connection may not be initially established, but it should change to green after 10 minutes (or whatever period was selected).

For support with this program, contact the author through the forums at or the e-mail address below.

About the author: Don is a semi-retired pet shop owner and long-time programmer who runs this site for the fun of it.

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