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The Datastorm D2 Controller and Direcway DW6000 modem
Part 2 - Router Networking

Static IP

by Don Bradner

Latest update: 12/6/04
One of the major reasons for moving to a D2/6000 setup is for ease of networking. Networking can only be accomplished with the addition of at least one more piece of equipment - a switch, a hub, or a router. If more than one computer is to be used in the network, a router becomes essential. This page discusses networking with a 6000 on a Static IP account. If your modem is dynamic, or has not yet been commissioned, see Part 3, Dynamic Networking.

The diagram below illustrates one example of the configuration of a router-based D2/6000 network. The IP addresses are examples similar to what you can expect. Some specifics are important - the router WAN port must connect to the LAN port on the 6000, with either an automatically-obtained IP or with a static IP that is one higher than the 6000 gateway IP. The LAN side of the router must use a private addressing scheme that is anything except the 192.168.0.x also used by the 6000.

In the example the router is a wireless router, but it could be a regular router if no wireless is desired.

D2 Network Each device that is on the LAN side of the router will have the router IP set as its gateway (except a WAP, if used, which typically will not have a gateway). Masks on all devices behind the router are, while the mask for the WAN port is In the illustration the hard-wired laptop is using DHCP and the wireless laptop is using a statically set IP. Whichever is usually a matter of preference.

Versions of D2 firmware prior to 3.5.4 had problems with networking that were very hard to work around. If you have a version earlier than that (the version shows in the title bar), contact Motosat or your dealer for a newer version. On 3.5.4 and later there is a Configure Network Parameters link on the main Configuration page, and that link will take you to a page that looks like this (click for fullsize):

Set the Local Address to match the proper LAN subnet for your router. Set the Gateway Address to the router's IP address. The other three are left alone. The values shown at right match the diagram at the top, so they will need to be changed if your router has a different IP.
D2 Network Configuration
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