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A Pointing Helper for the DW4020/DW6000/DW7x00

by Don Bradner

The Hughes DW6000/DW7x00 and DW4020 modems contain their location in Latitude and Longitude, in firmware. When these modems are used in mobile situations, they may fail to range when moved a few hundred miles, and sometimes less. A program to set these values called Point4020 has been available here for some time. This DSSatTool functions just like Point4020, but also provides elevation, azimuth, and skew values for a chosen satellite.

You can download it here. The download is a simple install program to register the few necessary components.

Like Point4020 there is a zip code option for Lat/Long entry. This option will not appear unless a zipcode database is found at program startup. Download here (539K) unzip and place zips1.txt in the DSSatTool folder - that will enable the zip code function. This is the same zips1.txt file from the point4020 and lookangle programs, so if you already have that you can just copy it to the DSSatTool folder.

For support with this program, contact the author through the forums at

About the author: Don is a semi-retired pet shop owner and long-time programmer who runs this site for the fun of it.

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