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Usually used in the context of a Proxy Server, which is server that sits between a client application, such as a Web browser, and a real server.

In a business environment a proxy can be used to enhance security, by only allowing "approved" connections, but in the satellite world the purpose of a proxy is to speed the connection.

A web browser on a terrestrial connection normally connects with a server to download the source code for the page. The browser looks at the source, and then makes new connections for each image or other object in the code.

Because of the latency associated with a satellite connection, the terrestrial-type connection does not work well at all. One of the main techniques for combating the problem is the use of a proxy. The proxy server on the Internet side of the satellite connection makes all of the necessary requests for page elements, packages them up in a proprietary form, and transmits them to a proxy server residing on the host computer on a DW4000 system or to the modem in a DW4020 or DW6000 system. That proxy server breaks up the page elements and serves them to the web browser.

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