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Ku Band

Various radio and microwave frequencies are described by letters. Ku, pronounced as two letters, is the band that Direcway systems use to communicate with the satellites. Ku has a frequency range between 10.9 and 17 GHz (Gigahertz, or billion cycles-per-second), however our Internet connections are concentrated between 14 and 14.5 GHz for the uplink and between 11.7 and 12.2 GHZ for the downlink.

We typically refer to the transponders we are assigned to by a frequency that is a much lower frequency, converted at the LNB on the downlink, and the BUC on the uplink. The frequency shift on the uplink is 13.05 GHz, and the frequency shift on the downlink is 10.75 GHz.

For example, if you are on transponder 1110, the 1110 is the value in MHz (Megahertz, or millions of cycles per second) that your modems are transmitting and receiving on the cable to and from the dish. At the Dish, the BUC is converting that signal up to 14.16 GHz (1.110 + 13.05) before it is transmitted to the satellite. At the satellite, the signal is shifted down by 2.3 GHz to 11.86 GHz, and the signal is sent on to the Hughes NOC.

The return is the same way - Hughes sends a 14.15 GHz signal up to the satellite, and the satellite sends an 11.85 GHz signal down to you, where your LNB shifts it down by 10.75 GHz and forwards it on to the modems as 1.11 GHz (1110 MHz) again.

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