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Spaceway is the next Internet initiative coming from Hughes, the parent of Direcway. It will use a Ka Band satellite, with two more eventually planned. Spaceway has been "coming in a year" for about five years now, and the first satellite launch is currently planned for late 2004.

The Spaceway system will allow higher speeds with small dishes, but at this time no pricing plan has been set forth.

Spaceway will also allow direct connections between two satellite ground stations, without passing through the NOC. That is probably intended more for large corporations to connect their separate locations, but it may also mean that smaller ISPs could offer Internet connections that don't use Hughes for anything except the satellite.

Because it will be spot-beamed instead of beamed at all of the US there will be some new hurdles to making the system mobile. It is not known at this time how hard it will be to do.

See also WildBlue.

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