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WildBlue, like Spaceway, is a Ka Band Internet service that was first announced many years ago and has finally gotten off the ground. Much of the service is similar to what is noted in the Spaceway link - spot-beamed, direct station-to-station connections, etc. WildBlue has, from the beginning, committed to having a service that is cheaper than Direcway. Their starting level is 512/128 for $49 per month.

WildBlue had always planned to use a satellite of their own, but they were nearly out of business in 2002 due to lack of funding and construction fell behind. With renewed financing in place, they have leased transponders on Telesat Canada's Anik F2, which was launched in July of 2004. Service began in June of 2005. Because of the spot beaming, there is no known way at this time to use WildBlue in a mobile environment unless all travel is within the same spot. There are 31 spots covering the US.

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