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Bird-on-a-wire, pronounced as a word as in Bow and Arrow. Refers to an extension bracket and LNB that is attached to the side of the main Internet LNB and allows reception of satellite TV simultaneously with the Internet connection.

There are several BOWs available, allowing one or more of the following offsets from the Internet satellite: 10 degrees west, 2 degrees west, 7 degrees east, and 16 degrees east. The proper combination of Internet satellite, TV satellite, and BOW is necessary to get service.

The three kits are (see the links for pictures):

SatKitA is used to see 101 DirecTV from G4R 99, or 119 (Dish, or DirecTV HD) from SatMex5 117

SatKitB is used to see 101 DirecTV or 110 Dish/DirecTV from SatMex5 117

SatKitC is used to see 101 DirecTV from G11 91

The BOW kits can only be used on the F1 as skew is handled differently on the F2, XF2, F3, and XF3 round dishes.

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