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Articles on specific technical and other issues for Datastorm users:

Downloadable Utilities at Many of the articles below include free downloadable utilities. This matrix shows latest versions.

If you are looking for satellite tables you can find the latest ones I have built in the Reference Materials Forum.

The Interactive Datastorm Users Location Map Put yourself on the map, and see where other users are.

Troubleshooting iDirect connection problems by John Watson.

hnFAPAlert A utility that displays a warning when the modem's internal FAP status reaches a user-set level.

iDirect Modem Tool A program for iDirect users to monitor their connection, and an essential tool for those on multi-beam accounts, to be used to switch beams.

Datastorm Map Submission Tool A full featured way to put yourself on the map, including use of mailing lists. Can be used without an IE cookie that other tools require. Works for both Datastorm and tripod users.

Datastorm Android Map Submission Tool A way to put yourself on the map using an Android based phone or other device, using that device's GPS.

Datastorm Map Locator This utility by Sterling Udell started as a simple tool for easy submission of your location to the Datastorm maps, but has grown with additions for satellite friendly campgrounds, aerial photos, and weather maps.

Handout for non-member Datastorm Users Downloadable PDF to give to those you meet.

Datastorm Controllers and their functions Describes the D1, D2, and D3 controllers.

Datastorm Administrator An option for Windows users with D2 or later controllers, this program is similar to the Administrator used with the older D1 controller.

PC-OPI A software opi (pointing) meter to provide audible and visual feedback during manual pointing.

Flashing the firmware on the D2 controller Instructions for this important occasional task.

The Datastorm D2 Controller and Direcway DW6000 modem The newest way to connect with a Datastorm.

The Datastorm D2 Controller and Direcway DW6000 modem Part 2 Network configuration with a static IP modem.

The Datastorm D2 Controller and Direcway DW6000 modem Part 3 Network configuration with a dynamic IP modem.

RV Travel and Satellite Internet A general discussion of mobile satellite internet.

Turning Cross-Pol on and off with the Datastorm What to do when there are cross-pol server problems at Direcway.

Look Angle Calculator Enter your latitude and longitude to find direction and elevation of your satellite.

Web Accelerator Keep Alive program for the 6000 modem A utility that will keep the 6000 Web Accelerator going. Must have a specific target page in order to work.

The DSSatTool utility Combines Point4020 functionality with information needed for manual antenna pointing - elevation, azimuth, skew.

The point4020 utility Simplify changing Latitude and Longitude in the DW4020, DW6000 and DW7x00 modems.

The FRange utility forces a "hard" range of the DW6000 and DW7x00 modems.

DirecWay Transmit and Receive Errors A full explanation of the various TX and RX codes.

Taking Control Manual techniques with the Datastorm and Direcway software.

Reset 6000 Utility for one-click resets of the DW6000 modem.

All Wireless Datastorm Controlling the Datastorm with a net-to-serial device over a wireless network.

John Watson's VoIP Description of a particular VoIP solution using hardware at both ends for both inbound and outbound calls.

John Watson's VPN Description of a particular VPN solution using hardware at both ends.

Wireless Networking: Configuring a Linksys WAP11 wireless access point.

Wireless Networking2: Basic Wireless Networking with Direcway Matt McMillan covers the Windows ICS host and both Windows and Mac clients.

The 4020 Gateway - What, Why, How? Details of using the 4020 with a Datastorm.

If you have an idea for an article, either one you would write or one you would like to see written, e-mail Don at the address below.

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