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Downloadable Utilities at

A number of the articles here describe free utilities, with links to those utilities. The table below is provided as a summary, with version and file date.

Links in the Utility column are to articles, and links in the file version and date are directly to downloadable files.
FileLatest VersionFile Date
hnFAP-Alert works with the modem's internal FAP status page to provide a warning when the remainder drops below a user-set level. 1.1.77 June 4, 2013
DSMapSubmitter. Full-featured map submission tool, including mailing lists, follow lists, etc. 1.0.24 June 29, 2012 Zipcode database used by DSSatTool, Point4020, and DSLookangle. Updated periodically as data changes. n/a March 10, 2006
DSSatTool combines the functions of Point4020 and the Lookangle Calculator. 1.0.7 June 13, 2010
PC-OPI A software opi (pointing) meter to provide audible and visual feedback during manual pointing. 1.0.6 November 25, 2007
iDirect Modem Tool A tool to show connectivity, receive, and transmit strengths. Used also as an aid for beam switching when the user has multiple beams available. 1.0.44 February 4, 2011
SoftOPI Andy Baird's SoftOPI for the Macintosh, which was the basis for PC-OPI. 3.5 June 23, 2007
hnFAPmon Millham's FAP monitor. 4.5.4 October 31, 2007
Datastorm Locator. Sterling Udell's utility to directly update your Datastorm Map location without using the web forms. 2.3.0 July 27, 2006
DW6KSS. David Smith's utility to monitor signal strength. 1.0.7 March 28, 2007
Point4020 is a utility to set the internal lat/long in the 4020 and 6000 modems. 1.0.19 December 19, 2005
Look Angle Calculator. Enter your latitude and longitude to find direction and elevation of your satellite. 1.1.26 July 19, 2012
Datastorm Administrator. An alternative to using the web interface to view and administer the deployment of a Datastorm with the D2 or later controller. 1.2.86
DSAndroidMapSubmitter. Map submission tool for Android devices. 1.0.3 December 3, 2010
Map submitter for Mac users, by Joe Keenan ?? 2008
FRange. "Hard" forced ranging utility for the 6000/7x00 modems. 1.0.2 July 31, 2005
6000WAKA. Web Accelerator Keep Alive program for the Direcway 6000 Modem. 1.0.3 December 2, 2005
Reset 6000. Utility for one-click resets of the DW6000 modem. 1.0.7 December 7, 2004
D2 Configurator (no article yet). Utility for saving and restoring the configuration of a Datastorm D2 controller. 1.0.15 March 16, 2005

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