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Dynamic IP

Refers to an IP that may change each time that you log on to a network (or the Internet). It is possible for a dynamic IP to be a public one, meaning that a computer with that IP is visible to other computers on the Internet. That sort of dynamic IP is typical (but is not always true) of terrestrial connections including dialup, DSL, and cable.

In the satellite world, Dynamic IPs are usually private, so the term is frequently used as synonymous with a private IP. The IP may be assigned by the routers at the Hughes NOC with the DW4000 modem, or locally via DHCP on a DW4020, DW6000 or HN7000 modem.

The advantage of a dynamic IP in a private sense is that the computer is invisible to the outside world, making many worms and other exploits impossible. Note, however, that a Hughes-assigned DW4000 dynamic IP is rarely truly private, as it is probably accessible by up to 254 other computers on the Hughes networks that are in the same IP block. That is not a problem with the true private addresses assigned by a DW4020, DW6000 or HN7000.

The disadvantage of private, dynamic IP is that there can be things, including some types of VPN that will not work.

For the opposite, a public IP, see Static IP.

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