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Handout for non-member Datastorm Users

Do you see other Datastorm Users out there in your travels, but they aren't on the map? Frequently, if you ask, you will find that they've never heard of Many will remain uninterested, but some are quite enthusiastic when you point them in our direction.

George Campbell created a PDF file, where each sheet contains two of the images you see below. You can download the file for printing here.

You will find that some people just aren't interested, and there isn't much point in pushing. Often there is a reluctance to believe in "free," so it never hurts to emphasize that there are no parts of this site that require payment to use.

The strength of DSU comes from the knowledge of the oldtimers, and the enthusiasm of newcomers. We need both to continue to grow and thrive, and your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated.

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