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If your position is unchanged, simply click "Plot Location" and it will update with today's date. If you do not wish to appear on the map, make the latitude and longitude 0 (zero) or blank, and you will not appear. The map updates after about a minute, so your position will not show immediately. Enter Latitude and Longitude as decimals as they appear on the Datastorm Administrator Advanced page.

If you are using a source for your location that is in Degrees and Minutes, enter them in the Degree and Minute boxes on the right and click 'Calculate' to convert the value.

For example, a lot of handheld GPS devices will report a location as 28.00.734 North and 82.18.236 West. This is actually 28 degrees, 0.734 minutes and 82 degrees, 18.236 minutes. Enter them that way on the right and convert into the proper decimal degree value.

Most users have standard .74 meter dishes. This is the dish that is an oval, 26 inches high and 39 inches wide. A few users have big 1.2 meter dishes, which are round and 47 inches in diameter. The map shows the latter in blue, the former in red. If you do not have a dish, your location will be plotted with a + mark to indicate that it is location only.

Displaying the satellite you are on will help people see what satellites work at various locations. If you do not know your satellite, look on the left side of the Datastorm Administrator Advanced page under Satellite Information. It will be 91, 95, 99, or 117.

There are two purposes for the e-mail address. The first is to make it possible for map users to contact you. In order for that to happen, you will need to both check the box, and enter your address. The second is to allow the map software to auto-email you when you have not updated for 9 days; your location will be dropped after 10. For this to work you will need to have your address entered, but it will not publicly appear if the checkbox is not checked. Note that if you view the source for any of the map pages, the e-mail addresses are not in normal format, but are hex encoded. This reduces drastically the chance that your e-mail address will ever be machine-harvested from the map pages.

If you have other questions not answered above, please e-mail Don.

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