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Bigger is better!

by Don Bradner

Motosat has begun extensive testing of a new Datastorm 1.2 meter antenna, called the F3. Dish antenna sizes refer to their diameter, or if they are not round, by the diameter of a round dish that would have the same surface area. So, the regular Datastorm dish is called .74 meters, even though it is over 1 meter in length, because it has a surface equivalent to a round dish of that diameter.

A bigger dish means stronger signals, both for reception and transmission. That means a 1.2 meter dish, which has over 2.6 times the surface area of a .74 meter dish, can be used well beyond the range of its .74 meter cousin. Signal should be available well into Alaska, in Puerto Rico, and very far south into Central America. In the Continental US, the signal with a 1.2 meter dish will be much less susceptible to rain fade.

Below are some pictures of the 1.2 meter dish. Many more pictures and the full dish specifications can be found on the Motosat site.

F3 Datastorm Royal Lamb displays the new F3 Datastorm. F3 Datastorm

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