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SALT LAKE CITY, UTóJune 19, 2003

MotoSAT Hires New President and CEO

C. Reed Brown has been named President and Mark Wright has been named CEO of the company. Mark Wright has also been elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Brown, 56, has been serving as Chief Operating Officer of MotoSAT for the past six (6) months. Mr. Brown has a background in bringing unique and innovative products to market such as HealthRider, BowFlex and the Nautilus Home line of exercise equipment.

Mr. Wright, 41, is currently chairman of Ground Control, a business DirecWay ISP that specializes in mobile broadband Internet equipment, specifically, the MotoSAT DataStorm system. Mark Wright was also President and CEO of The Grid, a California-wide Internet Service Provider.

Jim Pendleton, who served as President and CEO for eight (8) years, will remain on the Board of Directors as Secretary and Treasurer. Mr. Pendleton celebrated his 65th birthday earlier this month. Mr. Pendletonís years of experience in the satellite industry has made MotoSAT one of the largest mobile satellite companies in the world.

Mr. Pendletonís involvement in the mobile satellite industry has brought forward many popular products in both home and RV markets for television and Internet access. Mr. Pendleton introduced the actuator arm in the early 10' C-Band television era. Sales of this product were in excess of $50,000,000. Mr. Pendleton is also responsible for introducing the DataStorm, which is the first commercially available broadband satellite dish that does not require FCC end-user licensing. MotoSAT is also the first Hughes' approved mobile DirecWay satellite system. The DataStorm has been well received in the RV community as well as government, public safety, and commercial organizations.

Mr. Pendleton stated that: "Without the financial support and vision of Mark Wright, we would not be in the exciting position that we are in today. As to Mr. Brown, whom I have know for 20 years, it was a calculated plan for him to take my place, and has for some time now, been running the daily operations of the company. We these two gentlemen at the helm I can retire with no fear of a successful future. Believe me when I say, if this were not the case I would not place MotoSATís future in their capable hands. It just turns out to be my luck that these two men work very well together and have the same vision for the future."

MotoSAT is an international communications satellite equipment company focused on providing product, system and service solutions for government and commercial customers. MotoSAT is a privately held corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. For information please contact Andra Packer at 801-972-5407 or at

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