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Fifth Datastorm Rally In Tucson

October 21 - 27, 2007.

Michael and Georgia Day, Al and Sue Wilson, Ruth and John Cabral, and Beth and Chris Pany were our hosts at Beaudry RV Resort, our first time to bring the rally west of Texas.

We had 115 RVs and 214 attendees, which was our largest rally to-date, just a bit higher than 2006 (there was a large increase from 2005 to 2006). About 70% first-time attendees, with 8 of the 214 having been at all 5 rallies so far.

Participants again included a number of Motosat folks - President Jim Pendleton, VP for sales and marketing Royal Lamb, VP for engineering Ed Travis, along with Maurice Rojas and Tim Gibbs. A number of attendees have web pages with descriptions and/or photos, including the following (e-mail Don with other sites):

Jim and Chris Guld's Picasa Gallery
Michael Day's Photos

Powerpoint or PDF presentations from the rally:
Tips for Banning Boredom Inside the RV (Georgia Day PDF)
Cooking Indoors and Out (Georgia Day PDF)
Illness and Recovery in a Mobile Environment (Georgia Day PDF)
Working and Living in an RV (Georgia Day PDF)
Networking (Don Bradner PPS)
VoIP (Don Bradner PPS)
Geocaching (Don Bradner PPS)
Organizing - Different Strokes for Different Folks (Georgia Day PDF)
So You Think You Want To Be A Full-Timer (Georgia Day PDF)

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