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A utility for quick reset of the DW6000 modem

by Don Bradner

Note: Reset6000 works with the DW7000 modem without modification

Resetting the Direcway DW6000 modem is sometimes necessary and/or recommended when browsing slows or stops.

The modems can be reset by powering off/on, or by going through the web interface, or using telnet.

This utility uses telnet, and simplifies it to one click. Place a shortcut to the utility on your desktop and whenever you want to reset just click it. The program is windowless, and doesn't provide any feedback - looking at your modem lights will confirm that the reboot has happened. Because some people would prefer some feedback, there is an option - read on.

You can download it here. The download is a simple install program to register the one necessary component. There is an uninstall included.

This is a Windows-only utility. A utility for the Mac that includes reset can be found at

The program assumes that the modem is located at an IP address of, and accesses through port 1953. Some users with Pro or Business service may have static IPs and routers that won't let them "see" the modem at that address, in which case the modem's static IP will have to be used. Since the program does not have a user interface, a small registry edit is necessary to tell it what to use. .

Similarly, the program will also work with a DW4020, but requires another registry edit to tell the program to use port 23 instead of port 1953.

The registry entries are:

String Value TcpAddr
String Value TcpPort

In the interests of simplification, you can download a .reg file here. This file contains the default entries (Note: you don't need this if the defaults work; you only need it if you need to change them!). Right-Click and choose edit, then change either IP address or port as needed. Save it, and then click on it to merge it into the registry.

If you would prefer to see a small window that tells you what the program is doing (it will show "Connected" and "Resetting Modem") you can do that also with a regisry entry:

String Value ShowDialogs

Doesn't matter what the value is, just that it has some length greater than zero. Again, a small .reg file can be downloaded here to make it a simple click. To go back to no dialogs, edit the .reg file so the value is "" instead of "True".

For support with this program, contact the author through the forums at or the e-mail address below.

About the author: Don is a semi-retired pet shop owner and long-time programmer who runs this site for the fun of it.

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